Gazetted a National Park in 2002, Saadani measuring about 1100 sq. km in size, has a diverse population of mammals and birds. Elephant, leopard, lion, buffalo, giraffe, wildebeest, zebra, colobus monkey, hippo, crocodile and the rare Roosevelt sable can be seen here. Saadani offers a choice of a driving safari, nature walk, and boat safari on the Wami River.

Saadani’s wildlife population is increasing during recent years after it has been gazetted as a National Park and was a hunting block beforehand. Wildlife in Saadani includes four of the Big Five, namely lionsAfrican bush elephantsCape buffaloes and leopardsMasai giraffesLichtenstein’s hartebeestwaterbucksblue wildebeestsbohor reedbuckscommon and red duikersDik-Diksyellow baboons, vervet monkeys, blue monkeys, Colobus monkeys, mongoosesgenets, porcupines, sable antelopes, warthogs, hippopotamuses, crocodiles, nile monitors are also found in the park.